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Eric Griffith

Eric GriffithCertified Surgical Assistant


As a native of Colorado, I found my love of the outdoors early in life. Backpacking, hiking and fishing have become a love for which I hope to pass on to my four wonderful children. Starting as a Surgical Technologist in 2002, I found the operating room to be my place to serve the community the best. Nearly ten years after entering the medical field I craved more. I returned to school to become a certified surgical assistant in 2010. My expertise is in sports medicine, hip arthroscopy and graft preparation. To this day I continue to learn from various surgeons and the surrounding community of the advancing field of medicine.


Surgical assistants are advanced allied health practitioners who provide aid in exposure, hemostasis, wound closure, and other intraoperative technical functions that help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the surgical patient. The surgical assistant performs these functions under the direction and supervision of the surgeon and in accordance with hospital policy and appropriate laws and regulations. Please visit the Association for Surgical Assistants website for more information.


As a certified surgical assistant, my role in the operating theatre is essential for the safe and efficient completion of the surgical case. It is important that you, as the patient, understand my role in the OR and the billing process. I will reach out via phone or mail at least 72 hours prior to the surgical date. The initial contact will give you an opportunity to ask questions and understand my purpose and role in your surgery. On the day of your operation, I am happy to meet you and your family in the pre-operative area or will certainly be setting up the OR and assisting during the case to optimize your surgical experience and outcome.

Once the surgery is completed, I will submit a medical claim to the insurance company. In addition, I will send you a letter detailing the surgical case. At any point, if questions arise, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Every attempt will be made to obtain payment from your insurance company through the standard billing process. Billed charges to your insurance will be based on surgeon charges for the case. If denied by your insurance, patient responsibility will vary based on case but NOT to exceed $350. For any questions or concerns regarding my billing process please feel free to contact me any time.



Designated Authorized Representative - United

Designation of Authorized Representative - Anthem

Preoperative Consent Form


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